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Chapter 09
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09 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. A name badge is typically worn concealed. ____ 2. Locks can be divided into four categories based on the triggering process: manual, programmable, electronic, and biometric. ____ 3. Keycard readers based on smart cards are commonly used for securing computer rooms, communications closets, and other restricted areas. ____ 4. When the lock of a door fails and the door becomes unlocked, it is classified as a fail-secure lock. ____ 5. Vibration sensors fall into the motion sensor category. ____ 6. Carbon dioxide systems rob fire of its oxygen. ____ 7. Fire detection systems fall into two general categories: manual and electrical. ____ 8. While the temperature of ignition, or fire point, depends upon the material, it can be as low as a few hundred degrees. ____ 9. There are very few qualified and professional agencies that provide consulting in the area of physical security. ____ 10. Telecommuters must use a securable operating system that requires password authentication, such as Win- dows NT/2000/XP. ____ 11. For laptops there are burglar alarms made up of a PC card or other device that contains a motion detector. ____ 12. There are three methods of data interception: direct observation, interception of data transmission, and mech- anical interception. ____ 13. Water damage does not affect computer systems. ____ 14. True online UPS can deliver a constant, smooth, conditioned power stream to computing systems. ____ 15. The capacity of UPS devices is measured using the volt output rating. ____ 16. In general, ESD damage to chips produces two types of failures: immediate and latent. ____ 17. Static electricity is not noticeable to humans until levels approach 150 volts. ____ 18. Inergen is a high-pressure agent composed of nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide. ____ 19. Water-based systems are low cost, nontoxic, and require minimal retrofit for an existing sprinkler system. ____ 20. A wet-pipe system is usually considered appropriate in computer rooms. Modified True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. If false, change the identified word or phrase to make the statement true. ____ 21. The access controls for a building are often operated by a group called facilities management. _________________________ ____ 22. Guards have the ability to apply human reasoning. _________________________
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____ 23. Mechanical locks can accept a variety of inputs as keys, including magnetic strips on ID cards, radio signals from name badges, personal identification numbers (PINs) typed into a keypad, or some combination of these to activate an electrically powered servo to unlock the mechanism. _________________________ ____ 24. A common form of mechanical locks are electric strike locks, which are used when individuals announce themselves and are buzzed into a building. _________________________ ____ 25. When the lock of a door fails and the door remains locked, this is a(n) fail-safe lock.
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