Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - 11 True/False Indicate whether the statement...

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11 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. The general management community of interest must work with the information security professionals to in- tegrate solid information security concepts into the personnel management practices of the organization. ____ 2. The information security function cannot be placed within protective services. ____ 3. In many organizations, the staff of information security teams lacks established roles and responsibilities. ____ 4. Organizations should look for a technically qualified information security generalist who has a solid under- standing of how an organization operates. ____ 5. The use of standard job descriptions can affect the perception of professionalism in the information security field. ____ 6. Builders operate and administrate the security tools and the security monitoring function and continuously im- prove the processes, performing all the day-to-day work. ____ 7. Security managers are accountable for the day-to-day operation of the information security program. ____ 8. The security manager position is much more general than that of CISO. ____ 9. The position of security technician can be offered as an entry-level position. ____ 10. All of the existing certifications are fully understood by hiring organizations. ____ 11. ISSEP was developed under a joint agreement between FBI and the United States National Security Agency, Information Assurance Directorate. ____ 12. Each CISSP concentration exam consists of 25 to 50 questions. ____ 13. The SSCP covers ten domains. ____ 14. The SCNA track focuses on firewalls and intrusion detection. ____ 15. Organizations are not required by law to protect employee information that is sensitive or personal. ____ 16. To maintain a secure facility, contract employees should be escorted from room to room, as well as into and out of the facility. ____ 17. The organization should integrate security awareness into a new hire’s ongoing job orientation, and make it a part of every employee’s on-the-job security training. ____ 18. In the business world, background checks determine the individual’s level of security classification, a require- ment for many positions. ____ 19. The process of integrating information security perspectives into the hiring process begins with reviewing and updating all job descriptions. ____ 20. Information security should be visible to the users. Modified True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. If false, change the identified word or phrase to make the statement true.
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____ 21. The general management community of interest is responsible for the proper staffing for the information se- curity function. _________________________ ____ 22. Upper management should learn more about the budgetary needs of the information security function and the positions within it. _________________________ ____ 23. Many hiring managers in the information security field prefer to recruit a security professional who has
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Chapter 11 - 11 True/False Indicate whether the statement...

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