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Procter and Gamble Solution 1 of 5 A. The Max Factor acquisition effect must be removed as the purchase is an investing activity does not affect operations. Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows Years Ended June 30 (Millions of Dollars Except Per Share Amounts) 1994 As Less Operating Activities reported Max Factor Net earnings before prior years' effect of accounting changes 2,211 Depreciation and depletion in 1994 1,045 Amortization of goodwill in 1994 89 Post retirement healthcare and life insurance benefits (not cash) 63 (10) 53 Increase in deferred income taxes Asset (24) 8 32 Liability 164 Increase in taxes payable (286) Change in accounts receivable 4 44 40 Change in inventories (26) 26 add currency translation gains 36 Increase in payables 353 (32) 321 Increase in accrued liabilities 123 Increase in prepaid expenses and other current assets (31) Cash flow from operating activities 3,823 10 Investing Activities B Property Plant and Equipment, purchased (1,584) Assets written down from restructuring (577) (2,161) Acquisitions Other assets (56) Goodwill (60) Max Factor (1,031) Change in marketable securities 23 Cash flow from investing activities (3,285) Financing Activities Net income 2,211 Retained earnings Change 1,248 Dividends to stockholders (963) Change in short-term debt (437) Additions to long-term debt
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P&G-Solution-MidTerm - Procter and Gamble Solution 1 of...

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