CCJS Week 1 Notes

CCJS Week 1 Notes - problem of crime. o Various components...

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CCJS Week 1 Notes 20:20 What is criminal justice? Whatever we say it is What is a Criminal? Person who engages in something dangerous to us What is a crime? An act of wrong doing that has a punishment crime is dynamic because it is  commited by human being. And what ever is delegated as a crime at the time Crime changes due to a number of factors Extraordinary event Change in perspective (focus changes) Both ordinary and extraordinary crimes can cause change in the criminal justice  system Criminal Justice Means Anything revolving around the organizational approach to dealing with the 
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Unformatted text preview: problem of crime. o Various components perform in tandem o Order function strategy Concept of Criminal Justice has 5 Categories • Law • Police- enforce the law(not always correct) • Courts- separate independent system to insure the people are guilty • Corrections • Juvinile Justice The criminal justice system fights crime How does the criminal justice system fight crime? • There is no census on how to deal with the problems of crime 20:20 20:20...
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CCJS Week 1 Notes - problem of crime. o Various components...

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