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soc case study - and controlling thoughts about the thin...

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Becker, C.B., Smith, L.M., & Ciao, A.C. (2006). Peer-facilitated eating disorder prevention: A randomized effectiveness trial of cognitive dissonance and media advocacy. Journal of Counseling Psychology . 53 , 550-555. Thesis statement : “Our lab conducted two studies aimed at establishing the effectiveness of CD (cognitive dissonance) in college women. The pilot study targeted high-risk sorority members and compared two sessions of CD with a media advocacy (MA) intervention.” (p.550). Support : The basis of this study is determining the effectiveness of reducing the risk of eating disorders through two different interventions under natural conditions. They looked at cognitive dissonance (CD) as well as media advocacy (MA). CD encourages participants to think opposite of original ideas about thin ideal internalization. MA replaced the dissonance activities with videos about the medias affect on young women
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Unformatted text preview: and controlling thoughts about the thin ideal. Under natural conditions, MA is much easier to execute and requires less skill. Therefore when given by peer facilitators, they hypothesized that MA would be more effective than CD. But, MA failed to reduce the thin ideal and CD greatly reduced this ideal. Critique : The ideas in this article are well thought-out and well organized. It was clear and I understood the main points the authors expressed. However, the article was not clear about whether CD or MA was more effective in reducing the risk of eating disorders. Also the study was only done on college women in sororities and I know from personal experience eating disorders happen outside sororities, and in my case, more so than in sororities. Overall, the study was well done though, and made accurate points....
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soc case study - and controlling thoughts about the thin...

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