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soc case study 2

soc case study 2 - then adapt to their work environment She...

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O'Leary, V.E. (1972). The Hawthorne effect in reverse: Trainee orientation for the hard-core unemployed woman. Journal of Applied Psychology . 56 , 491- 494. Thesis statement : “It was the intent of the study to determine the relative effectiveness of employee training—to develop in the new hard-core hires an understanding and acceptance of values necessary for lasting employment experience particularly with regard to conformity to work rules, regularity of attendance, and motivation to meet job demands. Role-playing, group-problem- solving sessions were employed to provide the black hire with a range of experiences that would make her cultural transition a satisfying one.” (p. 491). Support : The author was working to look at the effectiveness of role-playing and group-problem-solving training to help unemployed black females find work and
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Unformatted text preview: then adapt to their work environment. She claims that past studies over this topic have been too complex and offers a simpler way of solving this issue in this study. It was found that those participating showed better attitudes toward self and therefore had more successful jobs in the future. Critique : The ideas were expressed clearly in this article as well, but there was not very much information about the role-playing and group-problem-solving the author had implemented in her study. That was the main point of the study and there should have been more information about it. Also the results were brief and not all that clear. Overall, her approach was good in straying away from the previous complex studies of the past decade....
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soc case study 2 - then adapt to their work environment She...

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