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gucci ad paper - Stars and Sex Sex and celebrities have...

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Stars and Sex Sex and celebrities have become one of the most effective tools used by advertisers to sell their products. The popular term “sex sells” is an unfortunate truth and is apparent in many advertisements, including the one I have chosen. Advertisers will often use big name stars, such as Rihanna, to sell their products. These stars often make a product more valuable and appealing to the consumer. This type of advertising is especially popular among high-end brands, such as Gucci. Gucci is a high-end brand name that specializes in making luxury purses, handbags, and other leather goods. To a woman, a purse is a statement. The materialistic society of today’s world is obsessed with having the latest products. Advertisers often keep that in mind when they produce their ads. The advertisement I have chosen, by Gucci, is a good example of this type of advertising. The ad was a two-page spread in the People magazine I read. The effect of the design is simplistic and bold. The background on both pages is all black. Text only appears on the left page and is very simple. I noticed the word “Gucci” stands out because it is the biggest word on the page and it is in the center of the left page. The font and style Gucci uses is recognizable because it is the same as the logo on their clothes, bags, and all their advertisements. The font reflects a classic style that maintains the
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gucci ad paper - Stars and Sex Sex and celebrities have...

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