Chem+102+Quiz+1c++Spring+2010 - Name Laboratory Safety....

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Quiz #1 Name c Lab Section: Answer all calculation questions to the correct number of significant figures. Laboratory Safety. 1) A careless student places a beaker of ethanol near an open flame. His lab partner sees the mistake and reaches in front of him to move the beaker to a safer location. The careless student sees his lab partner moving towards the beaker and thinks his lab partner is going to ruin the experiment and knocks the lab partner’s hand away and the lab partner’s arm bumps the ethanol beaker. Some of he ethanol spills onto the bench and the lab partner’s arm. The spilt ethanol ignites so that the bench and the student’s clothing are on fire. Select all the correct responses to the situation and then order the responses in the order they should be done. (5 pts) The student should cover the beaker containing the alcohol with a cover glass or another beaker. The student should get the fire extinguisher and use it to put out the fire on student’s arm and then put out the fire on the bench.
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Chem+102+Quiz+1c++Spring+2010 - Name Laboratory Safety....

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