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descriptive paper

descriptive paper - A classrooms f loor plan is very...

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A classroom’s floor plan is very important to how well the classroom will operate and function. In completing my field observations I observed several different classroom’s floor plans. Some worked well and were conducive to learning, while others had room for improvement. The management within a classroom is also very important. A teacher needs to establish discipline in their classroom from the start of the school year to keep disruptions to a minimum. The students should know what the classroom rules are and what is expected of them. Teachers should spend their time teaching not disciplining their students, and establishing good classroom management allows this to happen. The first classroom I observed was a first grade classroom. The floor plan of this classroom was conducive to learning. The desks were arranged in several groups of four, where the desks faced in towards each other. There were two students’ desks that were placed away from the other students and faced the wall. One of the students had behavioral issues disruptive to the other students, and the other student chose to move away from the other students because it was easier for him to pay attention. The teacher’s desk was in the corner of the classroom facing towards the students’ desks and
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open toward the classroom. Everything about this floor plan worked, except the way the groups of desks faced in toward each other. It caused unnecessary chattiness among the students when they should have been doing other assignments. The teaching methods in the classroom I observed were effective in my opinion. The teacher worked to keep the students focused and attentive and also managed the behavior and manner of the students well. The students respected her and listened to her because of the way she controlled the class. I thought one of her strongest teaching skills was her classroom
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descriptive paper - A classrooms f loor plan is very...

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