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fitting in assignment - Self-Discovery Through Language The...

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Self-Discovery Through Language The word language will have several meanings in any American dictionary. According to Webster’s dictionary one can use language to simply mean the words, their pronunciations, and the way in which we combine these words to be understood in a community. This refers to one’s “public” language as seen in Richard Rodriguez’s essay, “Public and Private Language.” Rodriguez would describe one’s “private” language to be a way of communication that reveals one’s ideas and feelings through signs, sounds, or gestures. In Rodriguez’s essay, he struggles with the challenge of being educated bilingually. At home he speaks Spanish, his primary but “private” language, where he can show emotion and express himself. At school he must speak English, his “public” language, though. In the essay “Grandma” by Erma Bombeck, the idea of “public” and “private” writing is shown through her style of writing. She begins the essay using “public” language and only describing general traits and common public opinions of a grandmother. As the story continues she also uses “private” language in telling the reader of her own experiences. This creates a great balance in the essay because the reader can imagine their own general ideas of a grandmother and also relate
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them to their own experiences as well as the authors’ experiences. Rodriquez also struggles with identity issues in his essay. He is unsure of himself and has trouble distinguishing between his two worlds, school life and home life. In many ways, one also may experience many similar issues with fitting in and being comfortable with their own identity. Almost every adolescent or adult will at some point feel they do not fit or they do not belong. This is often simply because unfortunately we live in a society today that can be judgmental and can also be slow to accept new people, places, or ideas. Although this may never change, the key to overcoming these obstacles is to be confident in yourself and always work to create and shape your own identity based on what is best for you and only you. Over the course of Richard Rodriguez’s essay he becomes increasingly
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fitting in assignment - Self-Discovery Through Language The...

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