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summary - unethical Rochman points out that there are...

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Part I: Summary In “The Ethics of Octuplets,” Bonnie Rochman investigates the recent birth of octuplets to, California woman, Nadya Suleman, and whether or not more restrictions should be in place to better regulate the practices of fertility clinics. Suleman’s octuplets were the result of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Rochman acknowledges that success rates for in vitro fertilization have increased in recent years, but questions whether it is ethical in situations similar to Suleman’s octuplets. Suleman is an unmarried mother who already has six children under the age of eight, which is why many have described the practices of fertilization clinics to be irresponsible and
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Unformatted text preview: unethical. Rochman points out that there are currently guidelines in place for the number of embryos that can be transferred to a woman’s body, but that these are only guidelines, not laws. Another point Rochman makes, is that patients do not necessarily want multiple babies to result from their IVF treatment. Many times they are simply ensuring their first IVF cycle is successful because just one cycle can cost more than 12,000 dollars. Suleman has not yet released the name of the clinic or doctor who helped her with her treatment, but the answer to this question may affect the future of the fertility business and the current system that is in place....
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