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Experiment_4_Lab_Report - Scott Coon Organic Chemistry...

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Scott Coon Organic Chemistry Report Lab Report Exp.4 I.) Introduction : Experiment 4: Heating Under Reflux (Synthesis of Salicylic Acid from Wintergreen Oil). The Purpose of this experiment was to determine whether salicylic acid prepared from methyl salicylate the same as salicylic acid prepared from benzene, by use of mixture melting point technique. This technique should to give a “good indication” as to the purity of the salicylic acid, granted the melting point range is reported to being within 158-160°C. This Table shows different values which were necessary for the lab completion. This table shows the mole to grams to milliliters conversion for methyl salicylate Figure 4.0: This figure shows the overall reaction starting with methyl salicylate and ending with salicylic acid. Compound  M.mass  (g/mol) m.p.  (oC) b.p. (oC) d (g/mL) amt. methyl salicylate 152.1 -8 223 1.174 2.00 mmol  salicylic acid 138.1 159 NaOH (6M) 2.5mL H2SO4 (3M) 2.5mL Compound amt.  (mmol ) amt.  (mol)  x Mol.mass  (g/mol) amt.  (g)   ÷
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