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AVIONICS SYSTEM MAINTAINANCE ELECTRICAL Satisfactory performance of an aircraft depends up on the continued reliability of electrical system. Reliability is proportional to amount of maintenance received and knowledge of men who performed such maintenance. Maintenance: The performance of tasks required to ensure the continuing airworthiness of an aircraft including anyone or combination of overhaul, inspection, replacement, defect, rectification and the embodiment of a modification or repair. Progressive Inspection: An inspection that may be used in place of an annual or 100 Hrs inspection. It has same scope as an annual inspection. But it may be performed in increments soothe a/c will not have to be out of service for a lengthy period of time.”This inspection is used for light A/c”. Down Time : Any time during which an A/C is out of commission and unable to be operated. Continuous airworthiness inspection programme: An inspection programme that is a part of contiguous airworthiness maintenance programme approved by FAA for certain large A/C including turbine powered rotorcraft. Modern A/c has complex system. A high degree of knowledge and skill is needed to identify the problems so that down time is reduced. Remove and replace or Rand R maintenance is the only way flight schedules can be maintained today. This type of maintenance requires a good knowledge of systematic trouble shooting so that only the offending component is changed. Troubleshooting:
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It is a procedure used in A/c maintenance in which the operation of malfunctioning system is analyzed to find the reason for malfunction and to find a method for returning the system to its condition of normal operation. Blackbox : It is a term used for any portion of an electrical or electronic system that can be removed as a unit. A black box does not to be a physical box. Circuit diagrams, wiring diagrams, routing charts (location charts) and troubleshooting tools like continuity light, multimeter and clampon ammeter are helpful for troubleshooting .modern A/C deployed with BITE (built in test equipment)systems. Rules for systematic trouble shooting: 1. Know the way the system should operate .it is the secret of successful troubleshooting .the way a component works, correct voltage and current at a specified test points and correct frequency and waveform of an alternating current at these test points must be known. 2. Observe the way the system is working/operating. Any difference between the way system is operating and they it should operate is an identification of trouble. Current or voltage is too low or too high or components that show signs of overheating are indications that a system is not operating correctly. 3. Divide the system to find the trouble, time is valuable. When the
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36002189-Avionics-System-Maintainance(2) - AVIONICS SYSTEM...

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