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2 rapid indication and accurate location of fire 3

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Unformatted text preview: ting conditions. 2. Rapid indication and accurate location of fire. 3. Accurate indication that the fire is out. 4. Indication that the fire is reignited. 5. Continuous indication for the duration of fire. 6. Means for the electrically testing the detector system from A/C cockpit. 7. Detectors which resist exposure to oil water, vibration, extreme temp and maintenance handling. 8. Detectors are light in weight and easily adaptable to any mounting position. 9. Detector circuitry which operates directly from the a/c power system without invertors. 10. Minimum electrical requirements when not indicating fire. 11. Each detector system should actuate a cockpit light indicating the location of fire and an audible alarm system. 12. A separate detection system for each engine. RECIPROCATING ENGINE FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM. Over heat detectors. Rate of temperature rise detectors Flame detectors Observation by crew members. Fire zones is an area or region of an a/c designated by the manufacturer to require fire Detection/fire extinguishing equipment and high degree of inherent f...
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