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3 complete power plant compartments in which no

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Unformatted text preview: d accessory section which includes compressor and all the engine accessories. 3. Complete power plant compartments in which no isolation exists between engine power section and accessory section Turbine powered air craft will utilize the same type of engine over hat and fire detection system discussed. High rate of discharge type (HRD) extinguishers are used. Complete fire protection system 1. Engine fire detection and extinguishing. When engine fire takes place red light and bell sounds. Pilot pulls engine fire warning switch (in fig I). These things happens. y Engine fuel shut-off valve is closed. y Thrust reversal control power goes off. y Spar fuel valve closes. y Power to the engine driven pump low-pressure warning system goes off. y Bleed air valve closes. y Hydraulic shut-off value closes. The pipe lines that caries fire extinguishing agent from the bottles to the engine are marked with brown color coding tape that has a series of diamonds to aid technicians who are color blind are using dim light 2. APU fire detection and extinguishing When the APU f...
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