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Unformatted text preview: ATA-26 A/C FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM 12hrs It is a combination of fire detection system and fire extinguishing system ATA 100 chapter 26 deals with fire protection includes, fire detection as well as fire extinguishing fire is a chemical combination of fuel (combustibles material) oxygen and heat or temperature. Classes of fire: as per national fire protection association of USA following are the classes of fire Class A: solid combustible material such as wood. Grass, paper etc. Eg. Aircraft cabin fire Class B: Liquid combustible materials like gasoline, engine oil, turbine fuel hydraulic oil & aircraft engine nacelle. Class C: Electrical equipment. Class D: metal fire such as magnesium. Wrong uses of extinguisher intensify the fire. Ex: wheel & Brake fires. The a/c is protected by "fixed fire protection" system (permanently installed during production itself by manufacturer. And other is portable fire protection system. FEATURES OF AIRCRAFT FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS: 1. A system which will not cause false warnings under any flight or ground opera...
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