Continuous loop detector systems it permits more

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Unformatted text preview: mmediately and the fire warning will be initiated. CONTINUOUS LOOP DETECTOR SYSTEMS: It permits more complete coverage of a fire hazard area. It works on the principle of spot type thermo couple fire detectors. Instead of individual thermal switches it is in the form of long inconel tube. These are over heat systems using heat sensitive unit which complete electrical circuit at a certain temperature. Automatically reset when fire extinguishes. THERMISTOR TYPE CONTINUOUS LOOP DETECTOR SYSTEMS A fire detection system that uses a continuous loop of two conductors separated with thermistor type insulation. Thermistor is a material with a negative temperature co-efficient that causes resistance to decreases with the increase of temperature conducts initiates fire warning. Eutectic material is an alloy or solution that has the lowest possible melting point. FEN WALL SYSTEM Single wire surrounded by a continuous string of ceramic beads in an inconel tube. Eutectic salt is having a characteristic of suddenly lowering its electrical resistance as...
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