High rate discharge hrd systems fire extinguishers

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Unformatted text preview: Inert cold gas agents are carbon dioxide and nitrogen. High Rate discharge (HRD) systems: Fire Extinguishers This term applied to highly effective systems, currently used. This provides discharge rates through high pressurization, short feed lines, large discharge valves and out lets. The extinguishing agents Halon" some time boosted by high pressure nitrogen. The agent and pressurizing gasses are released into the fire zone for a short period. The zone is temporarily pressurized and interrupts the ventilating air flow. Extinguisher is contained in pressurized steel container. Bottle pressure gauge provided to indicate the readiness of system. Discharge valves ore having diaphragms, which are ruptured by electrical cartridge so extinguisher gushes out. Thermal fuse is installed in each bottle, which will melt and release the contents. If the bottle is discharged due to high temperature. "Red blow out disc" on the side of fuse large blown out indicate thermal discharge. "Yellow disc blown out" indicates discharge by normal operation. Squib is an explosi...
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