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Unformatted text preview: e 3. Non toxic 4. Should have less weight 5. Readily available 6. Lower the cost 7. Should operate in all weather conditions should not require boosters Conventional Systems: CO2 Oxygen dilution and cooling. Those fire extinguishing installations first used in A/C still being used in old A/C. carbon dioxide is used. Steel cylinder is used to store CO2 under pressure, remote control valve assembly in cockpit, to distribute extinguishing agent to engine, through the turbine in form of gas. Tubes are terminated in perforated loops, which encircle the engine. A small amount of nitrogen is added as booster charge to winterize the system to Co2 it can discharge quickly cooling temp 110° F. CO2 changes from gas to solid ice without changing in to liquid. Portable fire extinguishers, which are available in cock pit, passenger cabin are of CO2. Halogenated Hydro Carbons: The extinguishing mechanisms of these agents are Chemical interference in the combustion process termed as chemical cooling or energ...
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