Sensitive element consists of sealed gas filled tube

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Unformatted text preview: also cause structural damage or precedes fire. Sensitive element consists of sealed gas filled tube containing an element. That absorbs gas at low temperature and releases it as the temperature rises. Tube is connected with pressure s/w that will close when the gas pressure in the tube reaches predetermined value. LIND BERG SYSTEM Continuous element type detector. It consists of stainless tube contains element. a discreet Element is processed to absorb gas in proportion to the operating temp set point. The heat generated causes the gas to be released from the element. This gas release increases pressure in stainless lube which mechanically actuates the diaphragm s/w activating warning light and alarm bell. Testing: Low voltage alternating current heats up the outer sheath to the set temperature element will release the gas and the pressure in diaphragm will close contact initiates fire alarm. When test s/w released element cools contact open. SYSTRON - DONNER SYSTEM It contains titanium ce...
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