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Separate fire extinguishers are used 3 lower cargo

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Unformatted text preview: ire warning switch in fig pulled switch unlocks automatically APU shut down. Separate fire extinguishers are used 3. Lower cargo compartments smoke detectors and fire suppression These are protected by smoke detectors and bottle of nitrogen pressurized halon 1301. 4. Wheel well overheat monitoring A thermistor type loop detectors provides the warning through BITE. Fitted with a fan or cool air. 5. Wing and body overheat monitoring Thermistor type detectors provide warning through BITE about cargo compartment and air conditioning equipment compartments when the temperature is above 2550F. Wing leading edge and engine strut cavities above 3100F. 6. Lavatory smoke detection and fire extinguisher. Electronic smoke detectors are used with fire extinguishers. The extinguisher sprays the area below the wash basin and in the trash bin area with an inert gas....
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