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The relay closes its contacts on amber over heat

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Unformatted text preview: stor to allow 28V DC energies the relay. The relay closes its contacts on amber over heat light come on. The temp rises to 315 ± 30° pressure of released hydrogen gas in detecting element closes. Normally open switch a signal pass through operational amplifier biases the transistor allow the 28V DC energies the relay. Which illuminates red warning lights and alarm bell of fire. In case the pressure of helium reduces the normally closed pressure s/w open causing in operative light to comes on. FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEM Can be extinguished by taking out combustible material (starvation) cutting off the oxygen supply (Blanketing) by spraying with form reducing the heat (Cooling). Extinguishing system designed to generate on atmosphere that will dilute the oxygen levels to a point where fire can no longer be sustained to reduce the temperature below the ignition point or combination. CHARACTERISTICS EXTINGUISHING AGENTS 1. Able to extinguish the fire effectively and quickly. 2. Non corrosiv...
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