The squib drives a cutter into the seal in the

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Unformatted text preview: ve device in the discharge valve of HRD container of fire extinguishing agent. The squib drives a cutter into the seal in the container to discharge the agent. Various Fire Extinguishers: 1. Water extinguishers or soda extinguishers for class A / solid fires 2. Foam extinguishers for class B / liquid fires 3. Carbon dioxide (CO2) fire extinguishers, Electrical fires. 4. Dry chemical power (DCP) extinguishers, class D / Metal Fire. Turbine Engine Fire Protection Systems: Turbine engine failures are due to thermodynamic and mechanical. Thermodynamic failures are due to ice formation, excess air bleed or leakage, faulty controls which permits compressor stall or excess fuel and melting of turbine blades. Mechanical failures such as fractured or thrown blades can create over heat, failure of forward stages of multi stage engine. Turbine Engine Fire Zones: Fire zone is any area in which an ignition source together with combustibles, combustible fluid line leakage or mixture may exists. 1. Engine power section, which include burner, turbine and tail pipe. 2. Engine compressor an...
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