These are compounds formed by the replacement of one

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Unformatted text preview: y transfer blocking . This is more effective. These are compounds formed by the replacement of one or more hydrogen atoms in the simple hydro carbons methane and ethane by halogen atoms. These extinguishing agents are identified by halon numbers. Which describe chemical makeup of agent. y First digit number of carbon (C) atoms in compound. y Second digit number of Fluorine (F) atoms in compound. y Third digit number of Chlorine (Cl) atoms in compound. y Fourth digit number of Bromine (Br) atoms in compound. y Fifth digit of it appears number of Iodine atoms. Under writers laboratories classifies the various refrigerants or extinguishing agents as per their life hazards toxic grouping. Highest life hazard is Group 1". Lowest Group 6". Some halogenated hydro carbons are Bromo tri fluoro methane C Br F3 Halon 1301 Toxic group 6 Bromo chloro Di fluoro methane C Br Cl F2 Halon 1211 Toxic group 5 Di Bromide fluoro methane C Br F3 Halon 1202 Toxic group 4 Chloro Bromo methane C H2 BrCl Halon 1011 Toxic group 3 Methyl Bromide (MB) CH3 Br Halon 1011 Toxic group 2 Carbon tetra Chloride (CTC) CCI4 Halon 104 Toxic group 4...
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