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Unformatted text preview: A TA-52 DOORS The fuselage of A320 has: F our passenger doors Four emergency exits in the cabin Cockpit emergency exits (two sliding windows} T hree cargo com partm ent doors Four avionic compartment access doors. PASSENGER DOORS The aircraft has four plug-type doors that open outward and forward. There are two of these on each side of the fuselage (two forward, two aft). They can be operated from inside or outside the aircraft. Normal operation is manual, with hydraulic damping. Each door has features that tailor it to emergency situations:  A n escape slide stowed in a container attached to the inboard lower side of the door.  A d amper actuator that limits door travel in normal mode, but in an emergency acts as an actuator for automatic door opening.  A slide arming lever. When the slide arming lever is in the ARMED position, the slide is connected to the loor brackets on both sides of the door. When the door is opened, the slide inlates and deploys automatically. If the inflation bottle fails to discharge automatically, a crew member can open its valve to make it perform its function. Opening the door from the outside disarms the door and the escape slide. Each passenger door has:  A mechanical locking indicator that shows whether the door is locked or unlocked.  O ne waning light to show whether the escape slide is ARMED or DISARMED.  O ne CABIN PRESSURE warning light that warns of residual pressure in the cabin. FWD AND AFT CARGO DOORS The yellow hydraulic system opens these doors outward and upward. The key lock open or closed mechanically. If the yellow system's electric pump fails, crewmen can use a hand pump to pressurize the system. This hand pump is on the hydraulic maintenance panel. The FWD and AFT cargo doors can be opened from the outside only. N ote : When the electric pump is operating the F WD or A F T cargo doors, the only other yellow system devices that can operate are braking and engine 2 reverse. AVIONICS COMPARTMENT ACCESS DOOR Four inward opening, manually operated, hinged doors give external access to the avionics compartments. These doors are in the lower fuselage, around the nose landing gear bay. COCKPIT DOOR A forward-opening hinged door separates the cockpit from the passenger compartment in an emergency it can be forced open in either direction. The door has an electric locking latch (<]) controlled by the DOOR UNLOCK pushbutton on the pedestal. It also has an eye-level viewing lens. To unlock the door, the pilot must press the pushbutton, and maintain it pressed, while the cabin attendant pushes the cockpit door open. Door symbol G reen: The door is closed and locked. A mber: T he door is not locked. D oor indication This appears amber when the door is not locked. SLIDE indication This appears white when the slide is armed. Stair symbol (<]) This appears in green when the stair door is not closed ...
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