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ANNA UNIVERSITY, CHENNAI 25 MODEL QUESTION PAPER B.E. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING, VI SEMESTER AE 356 AIRCRAFT ENGINE AND INSTRUMENT SYSTEM TIME – 3 Hours MAXIMUM : 100 Marks PART A (10 X 2 = 20 Marks) ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS 1. What are the requirements for Ignition systems used in reciprocating Engines? 2. Name the common types of starters used to start the reciprocating Engines? 3. List the types of starters used to start the gas turbine engines. 4. Give difference between the requirements and characteristics of gas turbine engine lubricants? 5. What are dry and wet sump lubricating systems? 6. Name the principal components used in Flight Director systems. 7. Name the primary flight instruments. 8. What is the basic principle on which radio communication works? 9. What the four basic components of Inertial Navigation systems? 10. Which of the factors affect the output voltage of a generator?
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Unformatted text preview: PART B (5 X 16 = 80 Marks) 11. Explain the function of every component in the battery Ignition system used in reciprocating engine with neat sketch. 16 12 (a) Explain the sketch the lubricating system used for gas turbine engines. 16 (or) (b) Explain the operation principle of Fuel air combustion starter with sketch. 16 13 (a) Explain with sketch the principle of operation of Air Speed Indicator. 16 (or) (b) Briefly describe the Engine Indicator and Crew Alert systems. 16 14 (a) What are VHF and VOR ? Explain its operation? 16 (or) (b) Explain the Inertial Navigation system used in a/c for long range navigation aid. 16 15 (a) Briefly describe the construction of a typical landing light unit. 16 (or ) (b) Explain the operation principle of a silicon-controlled rectifier (S.C.R.). 16...
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24471859-356-Aircraft-Engine-and-Instrument-System-10 -...

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