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Compare and ContrastRita, Good intro. Make sure you restate what you are comparing in your thesis statement at the end. You have a great deal of knowledge and it shows. Make sure though that you double space your paragraphs and note my comments on the use of images. Make sure you try and make it very clear when you are making comparisons and contrasts. Work on strengthening your conclusion, a wrap up. Jonathan Grade: 50/50 pts. I am all for images, but make sure they go at the end of your writing. You can cite them and reference them, but we don’t want them interrupting our prose. I am going to start out by letting everyone know that the items that I am choosing to compare and or contrast are two of my favorite things. The items are two video game consoles that are very popular amongst most teenagers and young adults. The first item is the regular XBOX. The second item is the XBOX 360. I have chosen these specific items because I use them frequently and I own both of them. So in this case I am very familiar with both of them and it should be easy for me to compare and contrast both of these items. First I will start with the comparisons. While comparing the XBOX to the XBOX 360 note that there are many points that will be repeated. As for certain items they will not be. The XBOX and the XBOX 360 both have a certain piece of equipment that comes with the device called a HARD DRIVE or a hard-disk drive for the regular XBOX. These specific components are very important for both consoles. In the regular XBOX the hard-disk-drive is used to store all game data, saves, and content that was downloaded from XBOX Live. With the XBOX 360 you had either the 64 MB memory card or you had the option of buying the larger sized HARD DRIVE attachment for your XBOX 360. The sizes of HARD DRIVES for the XBOX 360 are 20, 60, 120 or 250 GB HARD DRIVES. Another comparison would be that when you purchase any console it automatically comes with
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Borland-CompareContrastDraft-1[1]2010 - Compare and...

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