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Peer Response Checklist Directions: Use the checklist below for your peer reviews. Please copy and paste the paper you are reviewing below the checklist. Keep in mind that this assignment is graded and that your grade will be determined by how detailed your review is. A best practice is to provide a detailed explanation for each answer--approximately a paragraph. Not required, but strongly suggested: Use Track Changes to add your comments and suggestions to the appropriate areas in the paper. 1. Writer's Name: Geoffrey Raymond 2. What is the type and purpose of this paper? Persuasive Rough Draft 2. What is the thesis of this paper? Does it reflect the topic and purpose of the paper? The thesis is very explanatory. It is about the United States and the laws that we have made that aren’t really being used. 3. What is the biggest problem area of the paper? (Organization, development of ideas, grammar, punctuation, etc.) Explain your answer. I think the writer has a good thesis but he could probably add
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Peer_Review_Worksheet_Geoffrey_Raymond - Peer Response...

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