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Persuasive Essay Rita Borland English_112 April 04, 2010 Video Games with Children and Adults I am writing all of you to bring something to light about video games with children and their parents. Not just what Adults think of video games but, how they affect young and teenage children up to when they are considered Adults. Most would say video games are simply bad for kids, and that the kids become even more violent, if they play video games. I don’t think if they wake up every morning and play a video game that they will become violent or even more violent than they already were. I think the children causing violence with video games are actually using the video games as crutch. They have the feeling of blaming something else or someone else for their actions and the video games are an open window. If anyone is smart and has played any one video game in their life they will realize that not all video games are violent and not all people who play video games become violent from being put through the violent acts of crime in a video game or even the fighting scenes in Mortal Kombat, along with the sneaking around in a game called Splinter Cell. Just because you do these things in a game doesn’t mean you’re a killer or a thief in the night or even a martial art expert. The things to remember while playing a video game are that you are playing as someone else and that it is all fictional. And that not all video games have a purpose most of them don’t even have a moral behind the story and some are just fun to play. When anyone of us has the chance to go and purchase a game or even rent one to try it out we do so. Not because it is suppose to be violent, or you get to beat up bad guys. It’s because we want to try the game out before someone else does so that way we are in the loop and we become a little more popular by
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Persuasive Essay_Rita_Borland_English112_rough_draft -...

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