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Privacy_Policy_ENGL227_2011 - verbal warning The second...

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TO: ALL NEWS BUREAU MANAGERS FROM: RITA BORLAND SUBJECT: EMAIL PRIVACY POLICY DATE: MARCH 09, 2011 CC: LOS ANGELES TIMES NOTICE OF EMAIL PRIVACY POLICY This is to inform all employees and managers of the recent changes in the email privacy policy.  Due to recent events we have decided to strengthen our security for the purposes of ourselves  and our employees’ personal privacy. We have come up with a list of offenses that each  employee will have to follow in the case of violating the email privacy rules. The first offense is a 
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Unformatted text preview: verbal warning. The second offense will involve suspension without pay (duration is up to the employees supervisor) or reassignment. The third offense will result in immediate termination without severance pay. A few weeks from now a more detailed description of the company-issued policy memo covering all issues, will be disbursed to all Bureau Managers. When the managers receive this policy it is to be posted in each manager’s bureau for all employees to view. 1...
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