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Memorandum To: Bebe Lloyd From: Date: 07:03:53 Re: Team B Midterm Project Analytical Report Enclosed is the sales letter incorporating the information we learned about the culture in China for the Sales Team with Kelly Services, which you requested on August 1, 2010. We focused on several key elements in the sales letter such as giving face (addressing correctly & giving respect), using the color red (color of wealth), and setting up the letter in a format acceptable in China. Team B originally consisted of 5 members: Jason Burks, Julia Hayes, Marshall Nelson, Rita Borland and Nicholas Dillon. As we started developing the roles of our team members in week 5, we only had contributions from Julia Hayes and Jason Burks. We decided instead of assigning roles, that we would equally contribute to the overall completion of the project and turn it in together. We have worked very hard this week pulling the sales letter together. Midweek we got assistance from Marshall Nelson, followed later in the week by Nicolas Dillon
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Team_B_Week_5_SalesLetter_BorlandRita - Memorandum To Bebe...

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