Week_1_Borland_Rita_Audience_Profile - Rita Borland March...

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Unformatted text preview: Rita Borland March 3, 2011 Week 1 ENGL227 Week One Assignment Audience Profile This audience profile is required as part of the week one assignment. Answer the questions below to create a thorough profile for your primary audience, Jeff Clarke, and your secondary audience, Human Resources. 1. Is my primary audience external or internal? Corporate and Human Resources 2. What are some key demographics about my audience, such as age, gender, family situation, etc.? A corporate level consist of the owner and co-founder Paul Lansing, 58 years old, married for 10 years and has 3 boys. And his assistant representative who is Jeff Clarkes boss Christopher Green 34 years old, newly married and has one child. A girl named Shelby Anne. 3. How much does my audience know about the topic? A respectable amount. 4. How much formality does my audience prefer? Enough to get the point across that I have an employee in the need of time off that will be upset about it, and the employee may even lash out...
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Week_1_Borland_Rita_Audience_Profile - Rita Borland March...

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