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Worksheet for Interactive Lab5 : Virtual Circuits, Textbook page 637, 662 Name _____Rita Borland________ Physics 216 Grade __/42 Date May 28,  2010_______ This interactive gives you a chance to build simple  circuits and see how they behave. You may have a lab class in which you do exactly the  same thing with real components; this simulator should yield identical results. Try it and  see! You may even be able to use the interactive to do some homework problems. See  Chapter 18.9 page 662 in the textbook to see how meters are connected to test circuits. 1. (4 points) An ordinary 150-Watt light bulb has a resistance of about 96 ohms. Suppose you were to connect an  2.0 V   battery  to such a light bulb. How much current  would flow? Determine how much power the bulb would radiate? (probably too little for a  person to detect). Use your own calculations for this question.  The lab can be used to  test your results by comparing a similar model. Answer: Standard bulbs are designed to work with a voltage of around 120 V. Flashlight bulbs are designed to work with 3V, easy to obtain with two batteries in series. Bulbs from cars are usually designed to work with about 12V, the output of a car battery or of eight standard battery cells in a series. I have tried my tests with the interactive screen
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RbWk5 - :VirtualCircuits,Textbookpage637,662...

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