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Respiratory Sys- Study Guide

Respiratory Sys- Study Guide - RespiratorySystem/ alveolus...

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Respiratory System/Gas Exchange Study Guide Define the following key terms: alveolus gill pleural cavity bronchioles larynx pleural membrane lung respiratory center trachea pharynx operculum epiglottis diaphragm bronchushemolymph countercurrent exchange vital capacity heme tidal volume hypoxia spiracles oxyhemoglobin   medulla tracheal tube crosscurrent hemocyanin cough reflex air sacs book lungs swim bladders dermal gills inspiration expiration CPR bronchial constriction pulmonary emphysema diving reflex parabronchi Questions: 1. Trace the path of an oxygen molecule from the atmosphere into a human red blood cell. Name all of the  structures involved and their respective roles. 2. Describe how oxygen and carbon dioxide are carried by the circulatory system and how they are  exchanged at the respiratory surface and in body tissues.
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