M- Electrophoresis of Proteins

M- Electrophoresis of Proteins - RNA and proteins have...

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Melody Samuel-Boutros PHS 2101-8:00-10:50AM Title: Electrophoresis of Proteins Objective : To examine the process of electrophoresis using various reagents and samples Method : Refer to lab handout, pages 17-18 Results : Discussion and References : In this experiment we used electrophoresis to analyze and purify a set of proteins. The electrophoresis unit had many wells, and in each we placed a different sample of proteins. We also had a well with a marker, which consisted of a mixture of all the samples inserted into the unit. Once the various samples of proteins were inserted into the unit, the proteins could be separated out through their molecular weight and arrangement and their migration to the anode or cathode. Since this experiment is based on the fact that DNA,
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Unformatted text preview: RNA and proteins have negative charge. The proteins were loaded on the cathode side, to assure that there would be protein migration. Proteins of higher net charge, lower molecular weight would move the farthest. Sources of Error : Before we added the proteins, we had to make sure that there were not air bubbles in the unit so that they would not interfere with the buffers running through the wells. Another source of error could be that not enough of the proteins sample was added in the wells or it might not have been pushed at completely. Bibliography : Class notes and powerpoint...
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