Cover Letter #2 for essay #1

Cover Letter #2 for essay #1 - Verina Atalla Professor...

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Verina Atalla Professor Davis Honors English 1030C September 22, 2009 Cover Letter I feel like this second revision of the essay really helped me to find the weaknesses. There were a lot of place in the essay where I did telling and not showing. Like for example, in the beginning, I didn’t show why my parents became to be as strict as they are now. So I added their background history of them growing up in an Egyptian family home and that their parents were very strict and didn’t let them do anything. Also, I didn’t really explain much about where my boredom came from so I added a scenario of a time I was bored and how it got to be. I feel like your comments on my paper where really useful and helpful in making me a better writer in general. When I use showing and not telling, it makes the reader more enthusiastic about reading my essay and gets him more involved and asking questions and wanting to know more about what I have to say. Also, another thing in my essay that I fixed was the unclearness in how the
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Cover Letter #2 for essay #1 - Verina Atalla Professor...

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