Cover letter for Essay #2

Cover letter for Essay #2 - personally I also needed help...

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Verina Atalla September 29, 2009 Octavia Davis English 1030C Cover letter In this essay, I wanted to bring out my personal experiences in order to show, not tell how we can fix this problem of Poverty if each of us steps up and tales responsibility for something and tried to help in one way or another. I liked the way I was able to share a lot of my experiences and I hope it really made an impact to the reader when reading it. I think I could focus more on how poverty is a real issue in society and not just how its an issue for me
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Unformatted text preview: personally. I also needed help with the structure of my essay. I felt like everything was all over the place and I didnt know how to fix it. I really feel that poverty is an important issue and I wanted to have the audience feel what Im feeling. I would really appreciate if the reader could see if it really affected him and if it didnt, I think I should add more emotion to the essay and make it feel real....
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