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ARH 301 – Introduction to the Visual Arts Professor Jeffrey Smith Spring 2011 Study Guide to Test One The test will be given in class on Thursday, 10 March. Paper will be provided. You need to know the following artists or monuments: Athens – Parthenon (architecture and sculpture); Polykleitos; Rome – Pantheon, Colosseum, Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine; Lindisfarne Gospels (Matthew page – Imago Hominis); Hildesheim bronze door (+ Adam and Eve scene); St. Gall plan for ideal monastery; Toulouse – St. Sernin; Vézelay – La Madeleine (architecture and sculpture); Chartres Cathedral (architecture and sculpture); Rheims (Reims) Cathedral (sculptures); Amiens (architecture); Giotto; Brunelleschi; Ghiberti; Masaccio; Donatello; Michelangelo; van Eyck; Schongauer; Dürer; Rembrandt; Bernini; and Benin art. You are responsible only for the works discussed in lecture that are illustrated either in the class’ on-line digital image reserve and/or your textbook. The format of the test is as follows:
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Unformatted text preview: A. 10 identifications. 2 ½ points each. Provide the name of the artist or monument, title of the work including town if it is a building, date (by century), and medium (architecture, painting, sculpture, print, etc.). Eg.) Jan van Eyck, Portrait of a Couple ( Arnolfini Portrait ), 15 th century, painting. // Iktinos and Kallikrates, Parthenon, Athens, 5 th century BCE, architecture. B Comparison. 25 points. Identify both works as in question A. Use the accompanying question or statement to write a thorough comparative analysis of the two works. For example, I could contrast Masaccio’s Adam and Eve with Polykleitos’ Doryphorus and ask you to address their respective conceptions of the human body and its poses. Or I could compare the architecture of the Pantheon with Chartres Cathedral and ask you to discuss the aesthetic goals and technological innovations of each. C. Comparison. 25 points. See B. D. Comparison. 25 points. See B....
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