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301-syll-2011 (1) - ARH 301 (20250-20305) Introduction to...

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Introduction to the Visual Arts Professor Jeffrey Smith ART 1.102 Spring 2011 Office: DFA 2.120 (hours: Tu. + Th. 2:00-3:00 and by appointment) e-mail: chipps@mail.utexas.edu The class consists of lectures on Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00-1:50 (or 2:00 on occasions if needed) plus an assigned discussion section on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. Your unique number is keyed to a specific discussion section day and time. You must attend only your assigned discussion section. If you have a one time conflict, you may attend another section if you clear it in advance with your TA. The TA office is located in DFA 2.530; they will inform you about their scheduled office hours. Teaching Assistants , discussion section times, and assigned classrooms: 1) CC Marsh Tuesday 10-11 (20250) ART 3.433 Tuesday 11-12 (20260) ART 3.433 Tuesday 12-1 (20270) ART 3.433 2) Catharine Ingersoll Thursday 2-3 (20285) ART 2.208 Thursday 3-4 (20295) ART 2.208 Thursday 4-5 (20305) ART 2.208 3) Ali Kotoch Friday 10-11 (20255) ART 3.433 Friday 11-12 (20265) ART 3.433 Friday 12-1 (20275) ART 3.433 4) Caitlin Earley Friday 1-2 (20280) ART 3.433 Friday 2-3 (20290) ART 3.433 Friday 3-4 (20300) ART 3.433 Attendance : Attendance at the lectures is expected. Attendance at the discussion section is required! Each of the discussion section meetings is absolutely critical to the objectives of this course. You may have one unexcused absence. Thereafter, an academic penalty will be assessed. At two absences, the final course grade will be lowered 5 points; three absences = 10 points; four absences = 15 points; etc. We recognize that schedule conflicts do occur. Speak with your TA in advance to work out a solution. Excused absences (medical, religious, family emergency, etc.) can only be approved by Prof. Smith. It is critical that you speak with Prof. Smith as soon as possible if you have a problem. The TAs will consider you absent if you arrive more than 10 minutes after the discussion section has begun. In short, you'll have no problems if you attend and you are prompt. Grading
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301-syll-2011 (1) - ARH 301 (20250-20305) Introduction to...

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