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Appendix B SGI - ” Misconception s About My Topic That...

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Axia College Material Appendix B Final Project Preview My Topic : Could the continuing advancement of technology create unforeseen ethical concerns? What might they be? My Notes: Principle Issues of My Topic 1. Removing the need for people to work, therefore people losing their jobs. 2. With possible increase in unemployment rate, more laziness and obesity. 3. The need for higher schooling and learning, costing more. 4. Leading to more possible drop-outs in high school. 5. Our wars will be more deadly. Philosophies Related to My Topic Selection 8.5: Toward a Rational Society* By J ü rgen Habermas Selection 8.6: Philosophy and Social Hope* By Richard Rorty Rick Weiss, Monkeys Control Robotic Arm with Brain Implants (Originally found in Chapter 9)
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Unformatted text preview: ” Misconception s About My Topic That the movement of technology has no downsides. Technology can only improve the world and human-kind. We, as humans, won’t destroy ourselves through technology. My Philosophy Up To This Point on My Topic I am aware of the technology we have, and the possible potential for both good and bad it can have as it progresses in our future times. My Questions and Concerns About My Topic Concerns are that the effects of future technology may fall out of balance to more dark and bad purposes. Especially in the wars that people create. The falling of our nation because of the technology replacing the jobs of people. phi105r3 phi105r3...
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Appendix B SGI - ” Misconception s About My Topic That...

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