Punishment Research Paper - Punishment Research Paper Sasha...

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Punishment Research Paper Sasha Gabrielle Islam Date Due: January 31 st , 2011 Sociology 120
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It is common that statistics have shown that some criminals have had the tendency to relapse into the behavior that had been the same as what they had originally done when they were caught. When they relapse, it raises a pondering question, do the punishments fit the crimes or does it not deter the criminals? In the event of evaluating the ending results of crime and punishment in our American society, clearer definitions of deviant behavior, retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and the protection of the American society needs to be explained and comprehended. Criminal deviance can be defined as a recognizable violation of the society’s normalcy, appearing as very immoral actions and behaviors. Breaking laws and moral rules created to not limit or bound society, but to help it keep in peace and harmony amongst its people. When criminals commit offenses that are not proper within the public laws, their actions are unacceptable to legal standards. Social control has been determined and decided upon by the laws to establish how a society should function for the greater good of the population. Since the biblical times and so forth until within the last hundred years roughly, people found guilty of creating or committing crimes are criminals; they have been punished publicly in very public areas to deter the criminal from committing the crime anymore. In ancient Roman times, they were made to show as an example to others, so that they would not behave criminally as the persons being executed or punished. According to books of religion, thieves were placed on a cross in public areas for others to view and possibly to suggest what could happen to others if they choose to steal. While the public displays may have been created to give an example and to possibly intimidate and scare others to choose a law abiding life-style, the act of stealing appears to be alive and well in today’s modern times. The act of punishment pertaining to criminals appears that the American society believes that criminals should pay for crimes committed, but
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Punishment Research Paper - Punishment Research Paper Sasha...

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