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Who is Holy - Sasha Gabrielle Islam Who is Holy Do you...

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Sasha Gabrielle Islam Who is Holy? Do you believe a person's religious views should effect their treatment of others? Yes, I do. If they claim to be God-following people, that claim to follow through using the bible to guide their lives; then they should reflect their beliefs in the everyday life they live. The bible states “do unto others as you would like done for you.” I do my very best at following that statement. I help others, hoping they will return the favor, but here lately that isn’t the case. If I had faith in people before, I have lost it now. In your opinion, does the "humble generosity" described in column 2 exist in today's world? If so, where? Is it a valued trait? Yes, but very far and few. I do it, but I can’t do it all the time. I only know maybe a handful of people that may have been willing to give their last few dollars to a donation or to help out another person. How would you rewrite the biblical story with a modern setting and modern characters and still illustrate the same point? What characters would you use to replace
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