Business Ethics and Globalization

Business Ethics and Globalization - called “Assumption of...

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Business Ethics and Globalization To me the biggest ethical issue that will be faced when doing business globally would be the meeting of different cultures. There will be things that we are not used to when we go to a new place. One thing that can be done to try to eliminate some of the awkwardness is to learn about the country before going there. The second ethical issue that could arrive is making sure human rights are not abused. Especially in under developed countries, it is easy to take advantage of someone that does not know any better. And the third one that I think is important to avoid is
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Unformatted text preview: called “Assumption of Cultural Homogeneity”. (Trevor page 362) This is when some one assumes that everyone in a certain culture is exactly like everyone else. Just like here no two people are the same so we should not assume that they are in another country. The biggest ethical risk and consequence associated with doing business globally is the temptation of bribes. This happens more often than most people think. The consequence of this action could be jail time and termination. References Trevino chapter 11...
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