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Marsha Elhaija Code of Ethics All available activities with customers, clients, other members, business or community partners, regulators, legislators or government agencies shall be honest, legal, ethical, and in accord with standards of fair business dealings, professionalism, integrity, dignity and propriety. Members shall not denigrate the Resort business, but instead shall use their good faith efforts to promote the resort business. With respect to the sale or marketing of a vacation interest, the customers shall behave with respect toward staff members. If the customers mistreat the employees, they can be held accountable for their actions and this can result in a few different actions taken; such as termination to the remainder of the scheduled or pre-paid visit, this sometimes includes a partial
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Unformatted text preview: refund, but it depends upon the misconduct carried out by the customer. Customer will be warned and if it occurs again or more severe than the first event, it will result in being removed physically from the resort. If it is proven that the employee provoked the customer first, then we’ll handle the employee and discount the services the customers involved have requested or purchased. This set of best practices for the Resort Management expresses commitment to the highest level of professional conduct and ethical standards among Members engaged in the business of resort management. These best practices should apply in any relationship between a resort manager (“Management”) and the Customers or Clientele, where Management provides professional management services to the Client....
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