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Allstate Insurance Company - Allstate Insurance Company...

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Allstate Insurance Company Erica Rudolph Dr. Lucinda Blue Bus 520, Leadership and Organizational Behavior July 24, 2010
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Allstate Insurance Company 1 Allstate Insurance Company prides themselves on being unique and having a diverse workplace. They believe diversity is not only monumental internally, but externally as well. Over the decades Allstate has implemented different models and strength until their company stood out and carried a competitive edge over other companies in their market. In order to achieve strength in the diversity arena, Allstate created their own unique goal setting program. The company actually had affirmative action in place as far back as 1969, which focused more on diversity awareness through education and training (Hellriegel/Slocum, p. 215). Allstate developed a four step process to ensure that the employees were adequately trained and given the necessary tools for success. Managers view diversity not as a goal but as a process that is integrated into the daily life of the company (Hellriegel/Slocum, p. 215). The four steps for the goal setting program are, Succession Programming, Development, Measurement, and Accountability and Reward. Succession Programming is the mere ability to identify employees and develop them for specific key roles within the company (Hellriegel/Slocum, p. 215). They actively search college campuses with known diverse backgrounds and have a system in place to track these candidates and measure their successes within their careers. Today most of their executives and high level management consist of females and minorities. The second step in Allstate’s goal setting is Development.
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Allstate Insurance Company - Allstate Insurance Company...

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