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Online quiz 5 - transferred in the dark to a phosphate...

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Online quiz 5. (Correct answers are highlighted) Question 1. If photosynthesizing green algae are provided with CO2 synthesized with heavy oxygen (18O), later analysis will show that all but one of the following compounds produced by the algae contain the 18O label. That one is (Answer: O2 (A)) Answer Student response (%) Comments O2 88.69% PGA 0% PGAld 1.46% RuBP 1.83% Glucose 8.03% Question 2. Which of the following are chemical messengers that pass through the plasma membrane of cells and have receptor molecules in the cytoplasm? (Answer: testosterone (A)) Answer Student response (%) Comments Testosterone 94.53% Insulin 1.10% cAMP 3.29% Epinephrine 0.37% ATP 0.73% Question 3. Suppose the interior of the thylakoids of isolated chloroplasts were made acidic and then
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Unformatted text preview: transferred in the dark to a phosphate buffer at pH 8 that contained ADP. What would be likely to happen? (Answer: isolated chloroplasts will make ATP (A)) Answer Student response (%) Comments The isolated chloroplasts will make ATP. 47.08% The Calvin cycle will be activated. 2.56% Cyclic photophosphorylation will occur. 1.46% Nothing. 2.56% The chloroplasts will die. 1.10% Question 4. Reduction of NADP+ occurs during (Answer: photosynthesis (A)) Answer Student response (%) Comments Photosynthesis 96.35% Respiration 0.37% Both photosynthesis and respiration 2.92% Neither photosynthesis nor respiration 0.37% Photorespiration 0%...
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Online quiz 5 - transferred in the dark to a phosphate...

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