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Online quiz 6. (Correct answers are highlighted) Question 1. If there are 20 chromatids in a cell, how many centromeres are there? (Answer: 20 (A)) Answer Student response (%) Comments 20 4.38% 10 94.38% 30 0% 40 1.25% 80 0% Question 2. A particular cell has half as much DNA as some other cells in a mitotically active tissue. The cell in question is most likely in (Answer: G1 (A)) Answer Student response (%) Comments G1 96.88% G2 0% Prophase 2.50% Metaphase 0% Anaphase 0.63% Question 3. If cells in the process of dividing are subjected to colchicine, a drug that interferes with the functioning of the spindle apparatus, at which stage will mitosis be arrested? (Answer: metaphase (A))
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Unformatted text preview: Answer Student response (%) Comments Metaphase 81.25% Interphase 0.63% Telophase 0.63% Prophase 12.50% Anaphase 5% Question 4. The karyotype of one species of primate has 48 chromosomes. In a particular female, cell division goes awry and she produces one of her eggs with an extra chromosome (25). The most probable source of this error would be a mistake in which of the following? (Answer: Anaphase II (A)) Answer Student response (%) Comments Anaphase II 74.38% Mitosis in her ovary 1.25% Telophase II of one meiotic event 16.25% Metaphase I 2.50% Telophase I 5.63%...
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