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PROJECT MANAGEMENT USING SHAREPOINT AT BAMBOO A CASE STUDY Summary: This article describes how Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is being implemented at Bamboo Solutions to manage its multitude of concurrent projects and product portfolio. It demonstrates many out‐of‐the‐box functionalities as well as how Bamboo’s own commercial Web Parts are used to extend the basic capabilities of SharePoint. Bamboo Product Team, Bamboo Solutions Corporation. July 2008 Background Our company, Bamboo Solutions is a commercial software vendor that provides comprehensive product suites based on Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. We are the leading vendor in providing off‐the‐shelf SharePoint products, and currently have more than 40 Web Parts and Solution Accelerators available on our Web site. We strongly believe in an agile development process where products are quickly designed, built and released. Customer feedback is promptly reviewed and product enhancements and patch releases are scheduled accordingly. In a typical month, we release 4‐6 patch releases, 1 major new product and 1‐2 minor/major releases. Besides product development, Bamboo also takes on custom projects for our customers. Most of these projects are also on the same quick development and delivery schedule, which lasts from 6‐10 weeks depending on the level of complexity. Typically, there are internal IT infrastructure and future research development projects running concurrently. This could add up to 4‐6 projects in a given month. Today, we employ one full‐time project manager to support the product development team, and “half” of a project manager for the custom development team. How is it possible for one‐and‐a‐half project managers to manage the workload? The secret is the quality of our people, combined with a little help from SharePoint. We can’t tell you how we do everything, but we will share with you how we are using SharePoint to manage our projects. Bamboo works in a fairly distributed environment. While our headquarters are in Reston, Virginia, U.S. (where the majority of our employees are), we also have offices in California, St Louis, Atlanta, and as far away as Europe and Vietnam. More importantly, many of our line of business and functional areas are distributed. For example, our engineering functions are in the U.S. and Vietnam, and our support teams are in the US, Sweden and Vietnam. It is imperative that our teams collaborate on all phases of project management in order to be able to deliver on the aggressive delivery schedule that our project managers are facing each day. Our SharePoint Infrastructure We started to use SharePoint seriously as an intranet portal with the SPS 2003 version. Today, we are running MOSS 2007 (standard version) to support about 120 users. Our server farm topology is fairly typical, with two Web front ends, one Shared Services server, one Search server, and one SQL 2005 back end server. Our main portal Web application is
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Bamboo SharePoint Case Study -...

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