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Duc Hoang Professor Gwen Leonard MUS 251 29 May 2008 George Gershwin’s “An American in Paris” George Gershwin grew up and flourished in the commercial popular music world of Tin Pan Alley and Broadway, and with his brother Ira formed arguably the greatest songwriting team of that time. Although his musical education was scant, his talent was prodigious, and he harbored an ambition to succeed as a famous composer. It is often said that Gershwin fused jazz and serious music, but what he really did was bring the style, vitality, and entertainment value of the Broadway musical, which itself borrowed from jazz, onto the concert platform. When he was 25 years old, his jazz-influenced Rhapsody in Blue premiered in New York's Aeolian Hall at the concert, An Experiment in Music . Gershwin followed this success with his orchestral work Piano Concerto in F, Rhapsody No. 2 and An American in Paris 1 . The impactive success of the Rhapsody in Blue catapulted Gershwin into a totally new status. He was acknowledged everywhere as a major figure in American music and in asserting an American influence in Europe. Gershwin made his first trip to Paris just after the premiere of the Rhapsody in Blue . Two years later in1926, when he was in England for the London and Liverpool openings of his musical comedy Lady, Be Good , he took a few days to visit Paris again, and the idea came to him of composing an orchestral work describing his impressions of that city. He even bought some authentic Parisian taxi horns, after deciding to use the real thing rather than attempt an imitation with conventional instruments. 1 Reference: Book : Gershwin, his life and music  by  Charles  Schwartz.
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Gershwin's An American in Paris , a symphonic composition, was written by the Brooklyn-born composer when he was imbibing the delicious air of the French capital in 1928. The 30-year-old American, buoyed by the success his music was enjoying in Paris, started the
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musicclass-final - Duc Hoang Professor Gwen Leonard MUS 251...

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