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Duc Hoang – Principles of Economics Journal NY Times: “FedEx Profit Falls, but Meets Expectations” By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: September 18, 2008 According to the New York Times, “FedEx Corp. said Thursday its fiscal  first-quarter earnings fell 22 percent, but still met Wall Street's expectations,  as cost cuts partially offset the impact of slowing global growth.”  FedEx is  facing today tough economics where there are more and more competitive  package delivery companies joining the market, and resource costs (gas, 
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Unformatted text preview: labor) keep rising day by day. NY Times report about FedEx income that “Revenue rose 8 percent to $9.97 billion from $9.20 billion a year ago”. This leads FedEx ahead as benefit still exceeds cost. However, FedEx starts to reduce fuel consumption by 5 percent, and stop hiring staffs “unless it's an operational or sales necessity”. This can help reduce production costs which keep the quantity supplied stable and not falling down....
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